Direct-View LED 101

Neoti Direct View LED 101

SMD 3-in-1 LED Technology

• A display utilizing Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) technology utilizes a process of mounting each LED chip (pixel) directly on a printed circuit board (PCB). This process allows for the display modules and panels to be significantly smaller and thinner than older LED technology.

• Each individual LED “chip” is actually 3 distinct LED diodes layered on top of each other – a red diode, a green diode, and a blue diode (think RGB).

• With older dual inline package (DIP) LED technology, not only are the diodes mounted differently, but each pixel made up of a red, blue, and green diode is substantially larger than what is possible with SMD technology.

• Perhaps the most significant result of newer SMD technology is smaller pixel pitch.

Pixel Pitch Explained

Pixel pitch measures the shortest distance from the center of one RGB pixel to the center of the next.

• Smaller pixel pitch means higher resolution within a given surface area.

• Along with display size, the most significant factor in determining which LED pixel pitch to utilize is the viewing distance of the audience. The closer the viewer is to the screen, the tighter the pixel pitch needs to be to produce optimum results.

Click here for images and an even more detailed description of pixel pitch.

Basic Components of an LED Video Wall

Support/Structure:The support/structure refers to the mounting hardware that holds the LED wall in position within the physical environment. Size, location, and weight are all factors that go into determining a proper support structure for an LED wall. At Neoti we work with each customer to choose the most effective, efficient and cost-productive solution for each situation.

LED Display: This refers to the screen itself. Video walls can be built in various shapes, sizes, aspect ratios, and styles. LED displays can be curved, flat, or even come in 3D shapes.

Controller: The controller is the piece of hardware that sends your video signal(s) to the LED video wall. The controller is also responsible for managing the arrangement of each panel so that the video appears to occupy one seamless display rather than being sent to multiple individual panels. Controllers allow for scaling as well as other settings and adjustments that can be made to the LED wall.

Video Source: The video source can be anything from a video playout deck to a computer to a much more robust video server. The video source depends largely on the content goals for the LED video wall.

LED Video Wall vs LCD Video Wall

• Direct view LED is a display type involving the use of light-emitting diodes mounted directly on a printed circuit board.

Whereas LCD panels are made of a layer of liquid crystal between two pieces of polarized glass. Backlights are then used to illuminate the display.

• Due to the modular nature of LED display panels, there is great flexibility in size and shape of video wall screens. The modular nature of LED displays makes for great seamless displays regardless of screen dimension.

Whereas LCD displays are mounted next to each other, in a tiled fashion, to create a video wall, the bezels around each display create visible seams. These seams not only distract from the content on the display, but they can also add complexity to managing the display itself (think of how bezels could interfere with text or how unseemly it could be for a bezel to cut directly across the image of someone’s face).

• LED displays don’t have any reflective qualities, eliminating any possibility of annoying glares.

Whereas LCD panels are built with two panels of polarized glass. Glare is highly possible and in many cases probable. Depending on the environment, glare can diminish or even obscure the images on the screen.

What About The Cost?

The cost of LED displays have gone down considerably over time. While LCD displays are still generally cheaper, the gap has closed substantially. We trust that you will find the seamless application, advanced customization, and glare-free display will be worth the extra investment.

Here at Neoti, we understand that every project is different. We will work with you to get you the design and quality you want, at a great price.