Pixel Pitch Perfect

Neoti pixel pitch perfect

Defining Pixel Pitch

Undoubtedly, if you have been looking into purchasing an LED Video Display, you have come across the term pixel pitch. Pixel pitch is a key element in determining which LED Video Display is right for you. In order to understand what pixel pitch is, you must first understand what we are defining as a pixel. A pixel is a cluster of colored light sources known as diodes. Each cluster almost always contains at least one red diode, one green diode, and one blue diode. In older LED technology, these clusters could actually be seen as individual lights clustered together, these are DIP (dual in-line pin) diodes. Each cluster makes up one pixel. Pixel pitch measures the distance from the center of one cluster, or pixel, to the center of its neighboring pixel.

Neoti DIP LED clusters pixel pitch
Neoti DIP LED clusters

With modern surface mounted diode (SMD) technology (pictured below), each SMD pixel (chip) has a tiny red, blue, and green light inside of it. This compact design allows the pixels to be much closer together, greatly increasing the resolution of the display. Pixel pitch is measured in mm. Therefore if an LED Video Display is said to have a pixel pitch of 1.3, the center of each diode is 1.3mm away from the center of its neighboring diode.


Due to advancements in LED technology, HD, UHD, 4K and beyond are possible with modern LED Video Displays. As with other forms of technology, innovation has simultaneously improved the quality of LED Video Displays while driving prices down, making the benefits of LED Video Display more accessible.

The Importance Of Considering The Viewer When Choosing Pixel Pitch

Consider Viewing Distance

Viewing distance refers to the distance the viewer is from the LED Video Display. The closer the viewer is to the LED Video Display, the tighter the pixel pitch needs to be to produce a pleasing image. At greater distances, the human eye naturally blends color, meaning an LED Video Display can have a wider pixel pitch and still look pleasing to the viewer.

Below is a quick reference for optimal viewing distance (the distance at which an image looks clear, non-pixelated) based on pixel pitch.

Neoti LED Pixel Pitch Viewing Distance
Neoti LED Pixel Pitch Viewing Distance

Consider Viewing Angle

All of Neoti’s LED Video Displays have at least a 120° degree viewing angle. This means that the image still looks good and legible for 60° in each direction of the front of the screen to the left and to the right, where 90° would be completely sideways of the image. Some of our products have a very wide 140° viewing angle! This is all a fancy way of saying that LED Video Displays in general have a very wide angle viewing ability, so as long as your crowd is in front of the LED Video Display, even on the sides, they’ll be able to see the image clearly. It’s one of the most surprisingly pleasant features of LED Video Displays.

Bringing It All Together

Diodes, pixel pitch, optimal viewing distance, viewing angle – it may sound like a lot, but an experienced LED Video Display specialist can help you through it. Ready to make the leap into the world of LED Video Display? Give Neoti a call at (877) 356-3684. If you already have an idea of what you want, you can fill out our easy online quote form.