Why LED Screens Are Better Than LCD Displays

Why LED Screens Are Better Than LCD Displays

Before you invest in a new digital display, you need to know what you are shopping for. A lot of technology out there sounds impressive, with names like LED, LCD, cloud-based, IoT, and so on. At Neoti, we believe in educating the customer so they can find the screen solution that fits their needs best. Educated customers have the information they need and are happier and more satisfied with their decisions. When looking for new digital display solutions, you will have to decide between LCD displays and LED display panels, but what does that mean, and what are they? We will explain why LED screens are better than LCD displays.

Liquid Crystal Display—LCD

An LCD screen uses the same basic technology that has been around for many years in cell phones, camcorder viewfinders, and monitors. The screens are made of two layers of glass-like material that are polarized and affixed together. One of the layers has a special polymer coating that holds the individual liquid crystals. An electronic current then passes through the individual crystals and allows the crystal to either pass or block light to create an image. The crystals don’t produce any light, so an external source like a light bulb is needed. The light makes the image visible on the screen.

Light-Emitting Diodes—LED

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. There are three main LED types; DIP, SMD, and COB. During manufacturing, DIPs (Direct In-line Package) have a red, green and blue LED encapsulated in a bulb and then placed on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The SMDs (Surface Mounted Diodes) are mounted directly to a PCB in one slim package. COBs (Chip On Board) are bare LED chips that are mounted directly on the PCB and then covered with a protective coating. 

Why LED Is Better Than LCD

Overall, when talking about picture quality, design flexibility, product lifespan, and maintenance, LED displays are the superior product. As mentioned, LED screens are an improvement over the LCD technology. They provide a seamless display, unlike the LCDs with its tiled bezels. Initially, the LED is more expensive, but it will save money in the long run by using less energy. They are more efficient and will save money on electrical bills. They deliver a crisper, brighter image than LCDs, especially when ambient light is present.

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