UHD Pro™

Neoti’s proprietary, best-in-class UHD Pro dvLED display and control system delivers the world’s most sophisticated color space engine. Ideal applications include command and control, mission critical, XR, corporate, design studios or anywhere where color accuracy matters.

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UHD Pro™ Series Features

Advanced Image Performance

The TAA compliant UHD Pro Series provides industry-best image performance leveraging the world’s most sophisticated color space engine.

Color accuracy matters for industries that utilize:

  • Control Rooms or Ops Centers
  • Design Studios
  • Broadcast and XR Studios
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Government Facilities
  • Defense and Military Centers
  • Branded Environments

TAA 100% Pure Logic & Encryption

Pure Logic means that 100% of all logic and memory components are derived from TAA-compliant sources – taking compliancy and security to the max.  

With optional end-to-end encryption, high-security facilities are covered from potential risks by encrypting the signal from the LED control system to the pixels.

Redefining the Possibilities of Color Performance

Not content with the status quo, the advanced performance of the UHD Pro Series begins with selecting the finest LED components, and then carefully engineers them all together to achieve the most sophisticated color space engine available in dvLED.

Proprietary Control System and LED Solution

Delivering a proprietary combination control and LED system, Neoti’s UHD Pro is engineered to be the most advanced and color-accurate dvLED product in the industry.