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Overcoming Challenges for Cameras Shooting dvLED Video Walls

By Aaron Kipfer, CTO Cameras have a love/hate relationship with direct-view LED screens. Who among us has not experienced the pain of the moire effect, shifting imagery and faded colors as we’re watching something on television or a streaming platform. And to complicate matters further, these challenges are constantly evolving as new cameras and innovations...

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Studio at Meet the Press, Washington, DC

Shine Bright and Stand Out

How LED Quality Impacts Ratings By Camille Burch, Marketing Director at Neoti Did you know LED quality can impact television ratings? As ratings season approaches, it’s a smart time to reflect on the many factors that influence viewer choices in their news and entertainment programming, like a studio’s LED displays. Investing in high-quality LED particularly...

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Press Release | Neoti Announces UHD89 LED Panels in Half Height, Half Width, and Quarter Sizes

Smaller UHD89 LED Display panels allow for more creativity and versatility. FORT WAYNE, IN, AUGUST 30, 2022 – Neoti, an industry leader in the manufacture of direct-view LED video displays, is pleased to offer its ultra-high definition UHD89 LED Display Series in smaller and more versatile panel sizes with new half-width, half-height, and quarter sizes. ...

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Try Our NEW Configurator Tool for Your LED Projects

Find out how integrators and tech managers simplify LED specification. Neoti’s Configurator tool was designed to make specifying and quoting your LED video wall easy. Simply answer a series of questions and Neoti will partner with you to recommend the right products and get you pricing quickly. With the Configurator tool delivering expert guidance in...

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Press Release | Neoti Launches the Ultra High Definition Pro Display Series

World’s Proven Best Color Accuracy and TAA Compliant Product FORT WAYNE, IN, JULY 7, 2022 – Neoti, an industry leader in the manufacture of direct-view LED video displays, recently released the UHD Pro™ LED Display Series, an ultra-fine pixel pitch product line that is TAA compliant, and with optional features for added security where required. The...

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