Press Release | Neoti Announces UHD89 LED Panels in Half Height, Half Width, and Quarter Sizes

Smaller UHD89 LED Display panels allow for more creativity and versatility.

FORT WAYNE, IN, AUGUST 30, 2022 – Neoti, an industry leader in the manufacture of direct-view LED video displays, is pleased to offer its ultra-high definition UHD89 LED Display Series in smaller and more versatile panel sizes with new half-width, half-height, and quarter sizes. 

In addition to our standard 480×540, the new half sizes are available in 240×540 and 480×270. The new quarter size is available in 240×270. These new sizes of the UHD89 panels will build on the success of the UHD89 LED Display series. This can be done by allowing for more creativity with design as well as more accurate retrofits when replacing or upgrading panels and entire walls. The finished product features minor seams giving a smoother appearance at the highest resolution.

“We’re wholly committed to providing innovative products with world-class support,” says Aaron Kipfer, Neoti Chief Technology Officer. “This addition to our already capable product lineup will bring even more flexibility to our partners’ projects.”

For information or pricing, contact us at or call at +1 (877) 356-3684. Speak to one of our experts about how these new sizes for our UHD89 panels can work for your business need.

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