How Much Does an LED Video Wall Cost?

LED Video Wall Cost

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “How much does an LED video wall cost?” It is a common and valid question on the minds of our customers and potential customers. We get it—cost is an issue for everyone. Businesses must watch their bottom line and take every expense seriously while weighing the cost/benefit ratio. We believe in educating the consumer and are happy to answer that question by highlighting what parameters go into estimating the final cost. Factors involved in the cost of LED include size and panel resolution. The price of an LED wall is a function of its size, the number of pixels, the quality of the components, and other value-added features.

Components Matter

One of the factors that is easiest to overlook is the quality and quantity of the components that go into creating and building the wall. The parts shape, support, and become the wall and keep it working for many years. Neoti only uses the best components in the construction of our LED panels. We don’t cut corners or costs when sourcing and producing our parts to ensure the highest quality product.

Resolution and Pixel Density Matter

Every installation and build is unique; there are no one-size-fits-all solutions with LED walls. LED walls are built with modular components, so the resolution of an installation can vary depending on the panel’s pixel pitch. Pixel pitch is the distance between two adjacent pixels. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixels that will fit into a panel, increasing the sharpness of the image. Higher pixel pitches have a larger distance between pixels, resulting in less pixels per panel and a lower resolution. There will be no pixelization or blurriness if the right pixel pitch for the application and the content is designed correctly for that pixel pitch. As pixel density increases, the viewer can stand closer without seeing pixels. This is important as displays get bigger and people move closer.

Size Definitely Matters

The size of your LED video wall will have a direct impact on the price. As with anything else, the bigger it is, the more it’s going to cost. A larger wall needs more panels, possibly more controllers, and more installation hardware. There is also the manpower needed to install the wall and make sure it is functioning well and that all the bugs are worked out.

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