Do You Use LED Video Displays To Create Compelling Customer Experiences?

Neoti corporate lobby 01

“Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Missed Opportunity.”

– New York Times best-selling author, H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Today’s successful businesses, are heavily invested in the customer journey – and rightfully so. Customers encounter an average of 4-6 touch points before deciding to make a purchase (Marketing Week). As you plot the points on your customer journey map, don’t forget the marketing role digital signage can play in your lobbies, corporate offices, and retail spaces. Video display captures 400% more attention than static signage while increasing retention rate by 83% (Digital Signage Today). That’s a lot of missed opportunity for those not investing in video display technology to drive compelling customer experiences.

Your Signage Is A Reflection of Your Company

68% of consumers believe that signage is directly reflective of a company’s products and services (FedEx). Use digital signage to brand your company as modern, relevant, and professional. You and your business have 7 seconds to make a first impression (Forbes).

Consumer Expectations Are High

Your customer base has become accustomed to digitization and customization. Their expectations of graphic quality is higher than ever before, and they expect you to deliver compelling customer experiences. Furthermore, your customers are constantly distracted by their cell phones – making it harder for them to notice your stellar visual content. What better way to compete with the screen in your customer’s hand, than with a bigger brighter LED screen displaying your vibrant video content?

75% of consumers expect a consistent experience across channels – including social networks, online, and in-person (Salesforce). LED Video Displays provide you with the opportunity to dynamically brand your corporate spaces. Unlike static signage, LED Video Displays can be updated in real time to reflect your customers’ most immediate needs.

LED Video Displays Are Customizable

LED Video Displays are modular in nature, meaning that LED Video Displays can be built to fit any space. Custom cabinets (the casing holding the LED modules) can be built to accommodate unusual shapes and dimensions. Curved LED Video Displays, LED Video Displays that wrap around columns, LED Video Displays that turn corners, LED Video Displays built into 3D shapes, LED ribbons, and more are possible. LED Video Displays take on all of these forms while remaining seamless and glare-free. Create a compelling customer experiences that your guests will tell their friends about.

Why LED Video Displays Are A Better Investment Than Tiled LCD

It may be tempting to choose LCD video displays over LED Video Displays based on price point. We encourage you to consider the long-term, and invest in LED Video Display. Not only has advancements in LED Video Display technology reduced costs of LED Video Displays, but LED Video Displays are known for longevity.

LED Video Displays typically require very little maintenance and have a lifespan of 100,000 hours – which translates into about 10.25 years of continuous use. LCD panels typically have a lifespan of about 60,000 hours, but for LCD, that is only part of the story. Remember, the panel is LCD, but the panel itself is backlit. The bulbs lighting the LCD screen degrade over time. As backlights dim, colors change, taking away from the effectiveness of the display. While the LCD has a lifespan of 60,000 hours, it is likely you will have to replace the screen long before then (Church Tech Arts).

Tiled LCD displays have the added challenge of color variation between screens. Time and resources are wasted as techs continuously adjust the setting of LCD monitors, looking for the right color balance – a conundrum that is further complicated as backlights fade.

Replacing a broken LCD screen is problematic as well. Frequently, by the time the screen goes out, the LCD model is discontinued, making finding an adequate replacement difficult. If a replacement is found (or a spare is available), there is still the tricky task of adjusting settings to match colors between panels.

LED panels are batch matched, ensuring color consistency across panels. LED Video Displays are seamless, ensuring no awkward break in content. They require very little maintenance, and in the unlikely event something does go wrong, Neoti’s U.S. based service and repair center is only a phone call away.