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Neoti's Derek Myers at InfoComm Las Vegas 2018

Everyone wants a large format video wall. Video displays are attractive, dynamic, and versatile. Over the years LED technology has decreased in price, making LED screen costs more comparable to their LCD alternative. To learn some of the advantages of LED over LCD read Seamless LED Displays Offer Many Advantages Over Older Technology.

Neoti works to take the hassle out of buying LED. Neoti’s personable approach combined with years of experience and creative problem solving makes Neoti an idea partner for a variety of LED users – regardless of where they are in the process or where they fit into the spectrum of LED expertise.

3 ways Neoti works to make the LED video display installation process easier is by letting the customer choose their service level, working tirelessly to reduce lead time, and by considering the longevity of both products and processes.

Neoti Lets the Customer Choose The Service Level

Neoti does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Every customer is different. Every install is different. Every LED solution is different.

These differences is why Neoti chooses to base the service level on the customer. There are some customers who just need the LED panels. Other customers need Neoti to provide rigging, install, and maintenance. Some customers request basic maintenance training. All of these customers are valuable and Neoti works to provide the appropriate solution for each customer.

Neoti Works Tirelessly to Reduce Lead Time

Neoti knows that customers don’t want to wait forever for a LED screen. Neoti has always worked to keep lead times low. Recently Neoti signed a Distribution Partnership with Starin allowing Neoti to maintain even more readily available inventory in even more locations across the US. When a company places an order, they may not even have to wait for that inventory to come in. If it is already available, Neoti can skip that step and jump straight to planning and managing the install.

Neoti Is Designed For Longevity

Neoti is not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of company. Neoti is involved in the manufacturing process on a component level, ensuring the quality of every product. A lot of care and quality control goes into every item in inventory.

Neoti has a selection of Service Level Agreements, allowing the customer to choose how much support is needed in the maintenance of their LED display.

If the unexpected happens down the road and LED screens become damaged, Neoti has a US based repair center that can get the LED video display up and running again in a short amount of time. Neoti even repairs competitor LED screens.

Whether it’s for an experience AV integrator or LED newbie, every project is different. Neoti is here to help.

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