Mini-Facet Technology Obtains Tighter Radius for Curved LED Displays

Neoti UHD LED Video Display at WITI Milwaukee WI

In 2019 Neoti introduced Mini-Facet Curve Technology in it’s UHD Series Panels! This design allows for individual adjustment of UHD modules to obtain smaller faceted curves for applications with radiuses as little as 75.2 inches. Each individual module can pivot to create seamless, curved LED displays.  This technology allows for a smoother curve, which is more affordable than flexible modules.

Curved LED has the ability to create an enhanced feeling of depth. Imagine a concave display. The viewer can step into the display and the video wall literally surrounds them. The viewer’s peripheral vision creates a more immersive experience. A convex display can encourage the viewer to travel around the display in order to view the whole video. The modern audience may enjoy their screens, but that doesn’t mean you should completely discount the physical experience. Appeal to your customers in a way that engages their audio and visual senses as well as their physical sense of space.

The Mini-Facet Curve Technology is a great solution for a broadcast studios, control rooms, lobbies, stadium/sports arenas, house of worship, transit station and more! Seamless curved LED displays can be built around columns, into organic flowing architecture, into desks, signage, or studio backdrops. There is no need to limit yourself to boxy layouts and straight lines. The designer’s imagination is the only limit to what you could do with seamless curved LED displays!

Neoti’s modular panels make it possible to build video displays in any size with a tight concave curve radius. Contact us today to discuss how we can incorporate curved LED displays into your next application.